Online training

The Walsall Virtual School runs various training opportunities for designated teachers, school staff, social workers and carers and any other key adults looking to support looked after children.

All our online courses are provided by ACEducation and can be accessed by contacting the virtual school at .

The courses are free to parents/carers if they are completed within two months of requesting the course. 

Courses available 

Supporting Pupils with Unmet Attachment Needs
Supporting Pupils with Mental Health Difficulties
Emotion Coaching
Understanding Trauma and the Impact on Young People
County Lines
Safeguarding and Child Protection Skills
Child Protection Awareness
The Role of the Designated Teacher
Adoption, Post Permanence and the School’s Role
Communicating with Children and Young People
Equality and Diversity
Pornography and the Potential Impact on Young People
Online Safety and Cyberbullying
Secondary Trauma and Workplace Stress
Working as Part of a Team
Young Carers
Radicalisation for Professionals
Drug Awareness
Making Sense of Adolescence
Supporting Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children
Supporting Young People Leaving Care
Supporting Travelling Families
Children and Domestic Violence
Children and Parental Mental Health
Children and Parental Substance Misuse
Female Genital Mutilation
Impulsive Behaviour
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Self-Harming Behaviours
Working with a Child who has been Sexually Abused
Sexualised Behaviour
Conduct Disorders
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Understanding Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
Working with Children and Young People with Disabilities
Promoting the Achievement of Looked After Children in
Education (For Parents and Carers)

New courses in development
Suicide Support and Prevention

Also available from AC Education
Whole School Attachment and Trauma Programme
Face to Face Training
Advanced Diploma - Level 4 Expert Practice in Work with Traumatised Children
Trauma Awareness


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