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Walsall Virtual School Management Committee


The Virtual School Management Committee has been established to provide governance for the educational arrangements for Walsall's Children in care. The Management Committee act as a forum for discussions and decisions that will support us to fulfill our statutory educational duties to achieve the highest educational outcomes for children in care

The management board have three main priorities:

  • To ensure that all children in car receive appropriate education and are supported to make good progress in their education.
  • To ensure that a child's journey into and leaving care, including the impact of attachment and trauma is understood and supported to ensure that they can thrive in education.
  • To ensure the Virtual School maximises to best effect the resources available.





Our Management Committee

Sarah Rawlins Walsall Primary HT Chair
Phil Rutherford Group manager- Youth Justice Vice Chair
Mel Edwards Foster Carer
Nick Perks school Improvement Manager
Zoe Morgan Head of Service
Rita Homer Head of Service
Robyn Turner School Attendance Manager #
Sam Samra Principal Educational Psychologist #
Vicki Stephen Walsall Infant School HT #
Chloe Sandel Young Person #